boat in mexico



I used the three photos above  to make the bottom. i used the boat as the background then i moved the the city to the boat scene and edited to make it look like its part of the boat  scene and added the moon by moving down to size and made it look like its real and colored the sky to match. i made it all black and white and colored the boat.


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  1. Randy Depew

    It’s clear you know how to use the tools. The image is combined and masked appropriately. However, there are a few artistic shortcomings. First the moon is distorted and I can still see the upper edge of the moon picture as you haven’t masked it out all the way. Second, a bigger, fuzzier brush would create a smoother blend between the two bodies of water.

    Finally, as I’ve stated in other comments, I want to see a more technical discussion of the process by which you do each of the steps you outlined above.

    Grade: B

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